John Lonsdale
Wed, 03 May 2006 08:33:08 PDT
Mary Sue,

Regarding the Iris cristata cultivar names - I tend to use 
what is attached to the plant when I receive it, unless it 
is clearly wrong.  However that obviously doesn't validate 
the name I have and use.  I suspect that White Angel 
probably should be Eco White Angel and have no reason to 
think Shenandoah Skies is not correct - none of which is 
definitive.  Regarding your organization of the bearded 
irises, and by extension, other irises, are you drawing 
the line for inclusion on the wiki anywhere in particular 
or are all irises fair game/of interest to this audience?

I have just had a wonderful flowering of all three section 
Chinenses irises I grow (odesaensis, koreana and 
especially henryi).  Seed set on the latter is 
particularly exciting.  Also flowering is Iris imbricata, 
from two recent collections in Iran and S Armenia - this 
is another glorious bearded species.

Thanks and all the best,


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