Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 03 May 2006 07:11:29 PDT
Susan and I continue to work on our wiki Iris pages as we have time. We 
have been splitting them up and making separate pages for the different 
groups but keeping a link to where they can be found on the main page. All 
of this is very time consuming. So far we have:
Belamcanda <…>
Beardless Irises 
Crested Irises…
Juno Irises <…>
Pacific Coast Irises 
Reticulata Irises 
and of course the main Iris page…

We are trying not to use the names Mathew used to describe some of these 
groups to name the pages even though we use those names in the page 
description as we have tried to keep our wiki something that all groups can 
find useful. I haven't figured out what to do with the Bearded Irises which 
could potentially be a large group. Bearded Aril Irises and Bearded Non 
Aril Irises seem like complicated names for a wiki page. I know there are a 
lot of Iris fans in the group so perhaps you can help me with suggestions.

I recently received my NARGS bulletin and there are a number of bulb 
related articles this month including one by Jane about a trip she took to 
see the spring flowering bulbs in Crete and an autumn visit to Crete 
written by someone else. There is the promised article about Iris cristata 
too. This seemed timely to me as we have just added some of John Lonsdale's 
"crested iris" pictures to the new wiki  Crested Iris page. I have a 
question I hope to have an answer for. When we are adding cultivars to the 
wiki I  wish there was a way to verify the names. John grows something he 
refers to as Iris cristata 'White Angel' and I find a 'Eco White Angel' 
when I search the net. Are there two different cultivars with two similar 
names? Also which is the correct name: Iris cristata Shenandoah Skies or 
Iris cristata Shenandoah Sky? John and Jane have used the first name, but 
most of the references I found spell it the second way. When people name 
these is there some place they get registered or are people just calling 
them what they like? Help from those of you who know more with all these 
questions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Even though it may be hard to decide what to do with the Bearded Irises I'd 
love to have more choices to consider.

Mary Sue

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