Iris unguicularis

David Victor
Thu, 30 Nov 2006 09:09:43 PST
Hi everyone,

I've grown a couple of the cultivars of this species, notably 'Mary 
Barnard' for the past fifteen years in the open garden, which is in 
one of the colder areas of England.  Here it often flowers in mild 
periods during the winter.  For example, its in full flower this 
week, even though there were light frosts here ten days ago.

I also grow a form of Iris unguicularis subsp. cretensis (sometimes 
known as I. cretensis or I. cretica or even I. unguicularis 
'Cretensis' nobody, including Brian Mathew, seems to know which might 
be "correct").  This is a charming miniature, collected by the late 
Jack Elliot, in Crete: it grows there and in the Peloponese.  It 
stand no more than five inches tall and has white and  yellow 
flowers.  However, it seems less hardy than the main species, so I 
cover mine over in the winter.

Best regards,
David Victor 

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