Ipomoea pandurata... 2nd attempt

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Sat, 04 Nov 2006 13:25:43 PST
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> Meanwhile, the 1 plant that occurs naturally on my property has not 
> set seed in several years.  Hmph! 
> Dennis in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

I have quite a few naturally occuring "Wild Potato" vines here and have never seen any seed form on them. I even made efforts to pollinate them from other vines, but not one seed formed! I hear they are loathe to set seed from the same vine and some say that the further apart in lineage they are the better, and I do not doubt it for a second.

I went down the road a bit to find another patch of vines that might not be as closely related, but recent roadwork had obliterated them, but probably only for the season (they are TOUGH!)

One thing I have noticed is that the pollen is much-loved by a variety of bees and insects and you have to get to them early in the day or you won't find any pollen! 

Guess this is really a bit OT, the tuberous pandurata root not being exactly a bulb......?


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