Hesperantha coccinea/white form

samclan samclan@redshift.com
Sat, 04 Nov 2006 22:34:03 PST
I have some white plants but find that they are reluctant to set seed.  The 
pink and red have enough seed to inundate the entire west coast.

    Shirley Meneice
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> At 6:05 AM +0000 11/2/06, John Grimshaw wrote:
>>Coincidentally to this thread, whivch I hadn't then seen, I was talking to 
>>gardening friend yesterday evening about Hesperantha coccinea. He has a 
>>nice white form, which he had given me a couple of years ago, and asked if
>>mine had flowered, as his were all flushed pink this year. At that point I
>>realised that none of my clones had flowered this year and was given the 
>>to water them very well in June to get reliable flowers in autumn.
> **Where would one find the nice white form of Hesperantha? I have a
> really wet area where I'd like to try these in pots, sunk into the
> ground. (Gophers).
> s.
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