H. x 'Voodoo' and 'Naughty Lady' ?

rdjenkins rdjenkins@bellsouth.net
Fri, 17 Nov 2006 08:34:57 PST
OK, Hippiphiles, I'm trying to figure out where the confusion in names comes from. Various sources say that the hybrid is correctly named 'Voodoo' and it is often erroniously called 'Naughty Lady'. Fine. 

But why is it mistakenly called that? Was there ever (or is there now) another hybrid that has legitimate claim to 'Naughty Lady'? Did the confusion arise because they so closely resemble(d) each other, one being mistaken for the other? Was there someone selling bulbs under the name 'Naughty Lady' and later it was discovered they were actually 'Voodoo'? 

If there is any documentation out there concerning this ID issue, please share it. I am dead to know the back story on this one!


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