Neomarica caerulea 'Regina'

Floral Architecture
Fri, 17 Nov 2006 07:21:44 PST
  Mine are outdoors here at the beach and received a few breif hours of morning sun (usually overcast I assume as I am not at the nursery at that time).
  They will not start flowering until mid summer when it is warm. They get ample amounts of water. The small plantlets that are rooted in 1 gal pots will not flower. I guess they need to be up to 5 gal size to do anything. 
  I have a few other species, northiana (mature) and sabini (still small seedlings). I thought that I had another but I can't think of what it is a this time. 
  I've heard of the Regina cv but have never seen it officially refered to; magazines, catalogs, books, etc. So, all of mine I list as caerula. 
  I am often offered other Neomarica spp but I haven't grown any others. 

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