Neomarica - more

Paul Tyerman
Fri, 17 Nov 2006 16:01:59 PST
>         N longifolia has smaller bright yellow flowers.
>         The typical Walking Iris  (as I mentioned not sure what is
>the correct species name*) is very common as a house plant.     N.
>caerulea is a new one to me and I don't know of any other species in
>cultivation. Does anyone grow any other species in the genus.

Jim et al,

I grow Neomarica northiana (What I have is sold in nurseries as N. 
gracilis, but as far as I know it is actually northiana, but not 
entirely sure how different those species are?) quite successfully 
hrere outside in a relatively sheltered area, plus under a back 
non-enclosed patio.  It grows well and flowers for me, although I am 
rarely out at the correct time of day to actually catch the darn 
things in flower! <grin>

I also have a couple of seedlings of N. caerulea from NZ seed (Bill 
Dijk I think, from memory) which are approaching a size that I could 
possibly expect flowers.  I was also recently given a yellow form 
which originated from the mother (living in northern Queensland, 
definitely tropical) of a friend of mine.  She is emphatic that it 
matches the stem structure of the northiana but has yellow 
flowers.  Needless to say I am hoping that either she or I will get 
flowers on ours this year so that we can confirm flowers.  I have 
never seen any other Neomaricas available, either by seed or plant.

Just for your info as to what might be here in Aus.  I am definitely 
interested in other species as well.


Paul Tyerman
Canberra, Australia - USDA Zone Equivalent approx. 8/9

Growing an eclectic collection of plants from all over the world 
including Aroids, Crocus, Cyclamen, Erythroniums, Fritillarias, 
Galanthus, Irises, Trilliums (to name but a few) and just about 
anything else that doesn't move!! 

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