Crocus cutlivars was C. speciosus cultivars

James Waddick
Fri, 20 Oct 2006 11:29:59 PDT
Dear Roger;
	Is it just me or is there a dumbing down of other cutlivars?

	Your note egged me to look at Mathew's 'The Crocus' *
with these cvs
	Aitchisonii (Lg Pale lilac)
	Artabir ( Lg pale lilac with veins)
	Cassiope (Lg Blue-lavender w/ yellow throat)
	Globosus (Smaller bluer)
	Pollux (Lg pale blue violet w/silver exterior)
	Oxonian Deep purple-blue)
	Trotter (Lg White)

and Bowles 'Crocus and Colchicumn' *
	C. speciosus cvs
	Pollux	All from Van Tubergen

Pacific Rim Native Plant Nursery lists  'Aino' as an improved sort of 

	I have seen 'Oxonian' listed, and heard of a few of these 
names, but does anyone offer even half of these and are they true to 
	Have these been lost to mass marketers or just ignored due to 
lack of interest? Can we blame the proverbial Dutch mass growers?

	Add to this the seedlings that appear and you are headed for trouble.

This got me to looking at C. banaticus my favorite fall crocus and I 
was sort of shocked to find these cvs:
	Ruby (Reddish Purple)
	President (Lg Deep Purple)
	Rosamund (Pale Lilac)
Bowles mentions these too.

	Never even heard of any except the first which I have been 
trying to get for years without much luck. I have two forms - one 
slightly pale and the other slightly darker. Noticable, but not name 

	Are these too minor to be of interest to bulb growers? Where 
are the mom-n-pop specialist growers?

	Help?		Best		Jim W.

* I recommend both books to 'Crocu-nuts' (Thanks to John  Grimshaw 
for this name) out there. Unfortunately the Mathew book is OOP and 
exorbitantly high priced from sellers.
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