Bessera elegans
Fri, 20 Oct 2006 10:04:36 PDT
Back in October, I bought (at auction) a 8" pot full of Bessera elegans in flower, at a local NARGS meeting (North American Rock Garden Society).  The pot was full of blooming stalks and buds.  The flowering has finished, and the leaves are now drying back.  I was given some basic instructions, to keep the pot dry during the winter, in a cool basement, then take it out after last threat of frost in spring and begin watering.
I don't have a greenhouse, nor do I have a cool basement.  Even the unheated part of my basement where my furnace is, which gets enough ambiant heat to be considered a warm space (never cooler than about 65 F).  Can anyone give more detailed suggestions about overwintering this splendid plant and the pot full of bulbs.  Should it be allowed to totally dry out, or should I just barely keep it moist.  If I keep it dry, is it okay to have the bulbs experience normal (warm) indoor temperatures of about 72 F?  The pot is currently in my north-facing office window at work, where I enjoyed the orange-red dangling flowers for the last several weeks. 
Mark McDonough
Pepperell, Massachusetts, USA
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