Lycoris pix and other bits: Crinum part.

Fri, 06 Oct 2006 09:12:45 PDT
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> Earlier this year Joe Shaw brought up the topic of rebloom in 
> Crinum. I never see this and this year is no different, BUT
> I did not get bloom on 'Ellen Bousanquet' this spring, but it 
> is sort of on  the edge here - hardiness-wise. Just within the last 
> few days it sent up a puny stalk with only 4 buds and one is 
> deformed.  So still no rebloom, but a very late and struggling first 
> bloom very late in the season.

I am awaiting one last scape of xpowellii to bloom. It's showing color but it may be a day or two for the first buds to open.


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