Lycoris pix and other bits

James Waddick
Fri, 06 Oct 2006 09:03:49 PDT
Dear All;
	With nameless help (they know who they are) a number of 
recent pictures of various lycoris have been added to the wiki. Ylou 
can go to

	The new pix are mostly those attributed to me or to J. L. 
Murrain. These include:

	L. caldwellii
	L chinensis - a very orangey colored form
	Lycoris hybrids- second section following John Ingram's named cultivars
		notable - An orange - red L. chinensis hybrid
		The L chinensis x L. sprengeri possible hybrid with 
an interesting 'dove-grey'/ blue tint. Very subdued.
		The possible L. sprengeri x longituba hybrid with 
very tubular flowers.
	L. longituba- a form with a rich green throat and flat white petals.
	L. sprengeri- showing two very distinct color variants.

	With all the other contributions, there is a very good 
reflection of colors and forms found in the genus. I hope you'll 
enjoy the new pix and thanks for getting them posted.


	We watched the buds developing and showing on the fall Crocus 
speciosus. In a typical fall, they will open wide and last 3 days or 
more and follow with a second round a few days later.

	This year the buds opened in the midst of a freak period with 
temps at 94 and 95 F. The flowers did not last 24 hours. And a second 
round has yet to appear. We have not had a rain since then either. 
Other fall crocus are beginning to show the tips of flower buds, but 
they all seem to have stalled awaiting cooler temps and wetter 

	Earlier this year Joe Shaw brought up the topic of rebloom in 
Crinum. I never see this and this year is no different, BUT

	I did not get bloom on 'Ellen Bousanquet' this spring, but it 
is sort of on  the edge here - hardiness-wise. Just within the last 
few days it sent up a puny stalk with only 4 buds and one is 
deformed.  So still no rebloom, but a very late and struggling first 
bloom very late in the season.

	All this keeps me wondering.		Best		Jim W.
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