Pacific Coast Native iris (PCN) Advice Sought

Brent A. Hine
Wed, 11 Oct 2006 08:20:33 PDT
Jim, I grow a number of taxa of the Californicae section of Iris.  Yes, 
I'm on the Pacific coast, but I'm definitely out of their range.
However, due to a similar climate, I have success with them and they 
flower rather well every year.  I've had I. douglasiana, innominata and 
tenax around for many years already, all of these growing in the rock 
garden.  Here they have sure drainage to cope with our winter rainfall 
but enough summer moisture as well.  I don't think our summer irrigation 
penetrates very far down, it acts more like the action of a fog, or mist 
perhaps.  Just thought I'd chime in!

Brent Hine
Vancouver, BC
Zone 7b

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