Pacific Coast Native iris

Kenneth Hixson
Tue, 10 Oct 2006 17:43:27 PDT
Jim wrote
>          anyone
>outside of the Pacific Coast or the native range of ANY of the PCN
>species has been able to grow any species or hybrid for 3 years or

         Jim, I don't have time to look up details now, but will try
to deal with it when I can.
         PCNI's, particularly I. tenax, have been grown in New York
for several years.  They've also been grown in (I believe) Arkansas
for a few years.  There are a few named varieties from (I seem
to remember) Australia--but probably from a climate similar to
where they are native.
         One of the keys seems to be that they do not stand
much summer water where temperatures are high (because they
do not have much restance to soil funguses at high temps.).
Some shade, good drainage, and limited water but not desicated
conditions seem to be indicated.  Some people use a soil
drench to prevent fungus damage to the roots under high soil

         Further information
and distribution maps…


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