David Ehrlich
Mon, 02 Oct 2006 11:08:42 PDT
My name is David and I live midway down the SanFrancisco Peninsula.   My plants are all grown in pots which I keep on my altogether too crowded balconies.  Except for kitchen herbs and a dwarf Meyer Lemon, they are all geophytes.   I have been growing these plants for several years now, and I find my tastes veering more and more toward the unusual as well as the more beautiful.  Still, I have many very easily procured plants.
After several successes growing seeds from my Clivia miniata and Zantedeschia rehmannii into flowering plants (I have heard that these are among the easiest plants to grow from seed), I bought some equipment for trying my luck with other geophytes.  My latest attempts are Gladiolus alatus, which produced seed in Early June, but whose seeds I just put into the seed incubator a week ago, and Ismene narcissiflora (I think that is the name that was finally settled on for the plant), which produced a 3/4" green marble at the beginning of September, and which I just planted.  Also, at the beginning of September, while walking around the neighborhood, I collected some seed from a ripe Dietes seedpod.  I soaked them for a day, and then planted them in the incubator.  Of the dozen seeds planted, only one has germinated so far -- in fact, it's already over an inch tall.  My Cypella coelestis produced abundant seed pods after two separate blooming episodes this summer.  From a small,
 frail plant, it has become a 3 foot robust one.  (I feed my plants daily with dilute micro and macro nutrients.)  I intend planting its seeds at the end of October.
Well, as you can see, I love to talk about my plants.  I have many more, and I'll write about them in time.  I have many excellent photos of them (and a lot of very poor photos, too).

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