hummingbirds and red.

James Waddick
Mon, 02 Oct 2006 11:12:05 PDT
Dear All;
	After a quick Google of "Color preference of hummingbirds" it 
is inconclusive if they actually prefer red or not and if there are 
too many variables to make a determination:

	Apparently Hummers may give preference based on season, 
quality of food source, color, species of hummer and more. At least 
one species seems to prefer green while others seem to favor any in 
the red/orange/yellow range.

	One researcher says about half the literature says they 
prefer red and the other half say 'not so'.

	With over 150,000 hits on this topic, I can't say with any 
generality except that in my experience I see hummers (and we only 
have a single species here) favoring the bright, red, small-flowered 
cannas. Apparently other hummers in other situations don't. Duh.

		Best		Jim W.

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