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DaveKarn@aol.com DaveKarn@aol.com
Wed, 18 Oct 2006 21:10:50 PDT
Hi Judy ~

Thanks much for sending the exhibition catalog; marvelously done!  I have to 
admit being totally flattered that my contribution even rated a mention for 
something so minor!  I try and collect old botanical prints and books but with 
something so expensive, I don't often get much.  I have to satisfy myself with 
reprints which, of course, while often very fine, don't have quite the feel of 
something hundreds of years old!  However, I did obtain what is purported to 
be a page from Emanuel Sweert's Florilegeum.  It is hand colored picture of 
(what I recall to be) a scilla of pale lavender-blue; I think it is also on 
vellum.  I haven't seen the sheet since it has been packed away since we moved to 
CA some six years ago.  According to the dealer, the Florilegeum was published 
in 1604.  One of the exhibits in Buried Treasures is also a page from this 
book but the date of publication is given as 1612.  I suppose it's a minor thing 
but I'd like to know for certain.  Too, is there somewhere I could look at 
the pages (digitally or in a reprint) in this florilegeum to see if what I have 
actually appears in the book?

Dave Karnstedt

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