Mystery Amaryllid

Susan Hayek
Wed, 18 Oct 2006 18:15:27 PDT
>Dear members -- I have a pot labelled Cyrtanthus brachyscyphus, 
>which produced a respctable umble of cuved red trumpets last year. 
>this year, however, the pot (I imagine this is a contaminant, and 
>not the original Cyrtanthus, but though it's a contaminant, it's not 
>to be despised) produced a uniflorous scape bearing a large 
>(sub?)sessile regular funnel-shaped yellow blossom.  The flower 
>closes every evening, and reopens in the morning.  I'm sure my 
>Cyrtanthus is still in the pot, as there are two dissimilar leaf 
>sets.  One leaf type is hollow, tubular, almost like an Allium, but 
>with a grove along the upper surface.  The other is flat, with a 
>midrib and two distinct faces.   I am enclosing 2 hasty photos of 
>the unknown amaryllid.  Can anyone identify it?

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