Weedkillers and Bulbs

Joe Shaw jshaw@opuntiads.com
Sun, 01 Oct 2006 09:08:25 PDT
Bulbs and Weedkillers

Hi Gang,

I have twice tried to remove a Crinum bulbispermum-type bulb without digging 
it out.  It is a wonderfully hardy and fast-growing plant, but it has 
uninspired flowers.  I sprayed it with a strong dose of glyphosate 
(RoundUp).  The top died back and then promptly regrew.

A second time I used an ax to cut off the top of the bulb a few inches below 
the soil line; then I applied glyphosate again, heavily.  I sprayed to 
exposed bulb layers and then reapplied again a few hours later.  After about 
3 months the top foliage had regrown 100%.

Marcelle Sheppard has accumulated a few weeds as she has been recovering 
from injuries over the past 18 months.  On one visit this summer she showed 
me a "roundupped" (new word) bed of C. x powellii 'Album'  All the weeds, 
some brambles, and all the bulb foliage were completed killed down to the 
ground.  This past week Marcelle reported that the bulbs had fully recovered 
their foliage, looked better than ever, and the weeds remained in control 
(even the darn dewberries).

Marcelle also reported she has used glyphosate in other emergency 
situations, where weeds had overcome her ability to get in and work with her 
plants.  She doesn't recommend the practice, but does report her experiences 
as something that might interest others.

In the cases where I have used glyphosate, or where Marcelle has used it, 
all of the plants have been large, with large bulbs (4 inches diameter or 
more), or at least very large clumps if smaller bulbs.

Has anyone tried glyphosate around other bulbs?

It might be that glyphosate will knock back flowering a year or two-not 



Conroe, TX, another Amarcrinum opening bloom this week.

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