Tigridia ehrenbergii

Dennis Kramb dkramb@badbear.com
Sun, 01 Oct 2006 08:43:49 PDT
At 12:33 PM 9/17/2006, you wrote:
>Thanks to Rafa's friend,  VerĂ³nica Chavez, we have a photo of this species
>added to our wiki Tigridia page. Rafa has supplied some information about
>this species which I have added to the page.

Nobody else reacted to this message, so I will.  :-)

I LOVE THIS GENUS !!   What a great little 
species, this T. ehrenbergii is.  I had never heard of it before.

A couple years ago I tried to order an old, rare 
book through Amazon, called The Tribe Tigridaceae 
of Mexico, or something like that.  I think it 
was written 50~100 years ago, and it sounded like a neat book.

Anyway, my fascination with Tigridia, stems from 
my love of Iris.  (haha, "stems"...)  If I grow 
them close enough to the house, Trigridia pavonia 
are winter-hardy up here in Ohio.  This year I'm trying to grow some from seed.

I also grow a couple types of Alophia... a genus 
closely related to Tigridia.  At the moment I 
have this picture set as my desktop wallpaper background.


Absolutely gorgeous, albeit ephemeral, flower!

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