acuminate Crocus kotschyanus

Jim McKenney
Sun, 22 Oct 2006 11:26:54 PDT
This continues the story I've been telling about a local collection of
Crocus kotschyanus.

The corms I collected have produced two largely undamaged flowers, and I can
see that the tepals are distinctly acuminate. This acuminate effect is not
so drawn out as appears in the photograph of Crocus vallicola in Rix and
Phillips, but it is distinct and easily visible from a distance.

Another interesting feature: the corm was apparently in the ground in the
usual position, but the sprout emerged sideways, grew for perhaps half an
inch and then turned upwards. Other corms from the same collection seem to
have sprouts which emerge normally.  

If anyone would like to see this blossom, contact me privately and I'll
forward an image (not wiki quality unfortunately).

Jim McKenney
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