Red Blotch

Anne Schepelern
Sun, 22 Oct 2006 11:22:50 PDT
I have no idea whether this is the right way to start a question but I 
started subscribing to the pbs mailing list and I get the mails every day.

I would very much like to get a discussion going about what to do with red 
blotch in amaryllis. I have a lot of amaryllis and I mean really a lot of 
different kinds but they have almost all of them now gotten red bloth some 
of the quite severely although they continue blossoming. I do not want to 
trow them out , and I have tried to put them in a solution with dithane NT. 
I have been reading some pages about red blotch but it seems that there are 
more different kinds of remedys in the US than here in Denmark. So 
therefore I would like to know about what other people do about the problem.

I read the book about amaryllis by S. Okenga it is really beautiful but she 
recommends that you throw infected bulbs out.

Hoping to get some good answers to my problem

Anne Schepelern



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