Pinellia cordata

John Grimshaw
Mon, 30 Oct 2006 10:30:32 PST
The only way I have found to grow Pinellia cordata successfully is in a pot, 
with best results when grown in a cool shady greenhouse. Then it can be a 
lovely foliage plant and the scent of the inflorescence is very attractive. 
It is treated as a monsoon plant, with a wet summer and dry winter (have 
just today put my pots into a dry shed).

I do not know about "Don Jacob's form" or any others,  the only clone I grow 
being "Roy Herold's", which, incidentally, is correctly named 'Yamazaki', 
after its originator, Hideo Yamazaki. I got my original tubercles from Mr 
Yamazaki, via the NARGS seed distribution in 1992, and by comparison with 
material from Roy Herold showed they were the same - as they should be, 
since his also came from Mr Yamazaki. The whole saga is written-up in:

2001. J.M. Grimshaw & P. Boyce.  Pinellia cordata. Curtis's Botanical 
Magazine 18: 205-209.

where the text is accompanied by a painting of 'Yamazaki' by Jenny Jowett.

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