pbs Digest, Vol 45, Issue 35

Alberto Castillo ezeizabotgard@hotmail.com
Mon, 30 Oct 2006 10:29:05 PST
Dear all:
             My first one came from Brian Mathew years ago as a pup and certanily behaved as you friends describe: hard to please. floating between heaven and hell and then went to heaven. 
             Those I grow now are from a great grower in Australia and do very well even offsetting like a real weed. They are in one gallon (4 litre) black plastic container always in shade although not heavy shade and do very well along with other aroids like Arisaemas, etc. The mix is our standard one: 1/3 sieved perlite (no fines), 1/3 granite grit (no fines) and 1/3 commercial compost. They receive year round rains but go dormant for a long period in winter. Our summers have become very long and very hot for the last five years or so but they do not seem to care much about it. 
              Now the ridiculous quote: I have not been able to grow Pinellia ternata for long. Yes, I now it is a troublesome weed for you in the East Coast but here it has proved a delicacy. Seeds will be welcome as tubers never survived under our conditions. Pinellias tripartita and pedatisecta, on the other hand, are beautiful well behaved plants in the fern garden.
So you, see. "One gardener's weed is another..., etc."

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