New Tigridia pictures added to the wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 02 Oct 2006 15:50:48 PDT

Rafa Diez Dominquez has sent us pictures of Tigridia 
hallbergii  photographed in Mexico by  Alfredo Gómez for the wiki. Susan 
and I have put them on the wiki. We've been having difficulty getting the 
Tigridia and Gladiolus wiki pages to load every time although we can 
usually get the information through the back door so to speak by looking at 
the history page for either and then clicking on the latest version. I was 
able to get the Tigridia page to load today, but sometimes when I can get 
it others can't so if the first link doesn't work, the second one should. 
Those of you who were able to access Tigridia ehrenbergii which was added 
while we were having problems might want to look at it too. I think most of 
us are not familiar with these Central American species and these are 
habitat shots to give us an idea of what they look like in the wild. If you 
just look at the flowers from a distance (not the photos where they are 
turned over so you can see the amazing detail of the flowers) they remind 
me of Fritillaria.……

Mary Sue

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