how many differences for a species?

Diane Whitehead
Sun, 22 Oct 2006 10:31:35 PDT
I have heard it said that a different colour should not mean a new  
species. OK, that makes sense.  However, upon reading descriptions of  
several species of Hesperantha, I wonder how many differences are  
required for a different species.

Here are a couple of examples of species with several differences.

Hesperantha falcata  is either white, scented, evening-flowering  or  
yellow, unscented, midday flowering.

Hesperantha pilosa  is either white, scented, evening-flowering or  
blue to purple, unscented, day-flowering.

Has anyone grown both kinds of either of these, and would you have  
thought they were the same species if the labels didn't say so?

			Diane Whitehead

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