Crocus banaticus cultivars -

James Waddick
Sun, 22 Oct 2006 09:11:14 PDT
John Grimshaw wrote:

	 A superb selected white clone is 'Snowdrift', which has 
bigger flowers than usual and a particularly large, plumy style.

Dear John;
	I think I'm in love!

	I have already sent a hasty note to Mike Smith while I was 
drooling over the picture on his web site.

	I had an 'anonymous' note of a list-member who also grows a 
a solid mauve form and a bicolor (i.e white "inner" smaller petals 
with mauve outer petals) form.

	Mine have seeded around a bit to show both pale and darker 
colors, but not to the extent suggest by 'President' (Large Deep 
Purple) or anything near 'Ruby' (Reddish Purple).

	Thanks much. Does anyone in the US offer these?

		Best		Jim W.

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