Trying to reach Collector's Nursey

Merrill Jensen
Mon, 23 Oct 2006 16:26:25 PDT
Good question.  I've not spoken with them since moving from Oregon 2 years
ago.  I guess anything is possible.  Diana is usually good at getting back
with you.  Keep your fingers cross that some health problem hasn't popped up
in Battle Ground...

Merrill in Palo Alto, CA where summer has come screaming back.  It was 90 on
Friday and in the mid 80's over the weekend.  The Japanese maple leaves are
just drying up and falling off...

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Does anyone know anything re. the Collector's Nursey in Battle Ground, WA 
that might explain why they are not responding to e-mail or phone messages?

I bought some plants from them in May that were to be shipped this month 
during their dormancy. I get an answering machine, but have had no response
to 3 
messages. And no response to e-mail. Their homepage looks to be active. Do
o fyou know these folks?

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