Trying to reach Collector's Nursey

Glen Pace
Mon, 23 Oct 2006 16:25:59 PDT
Subject: [pbs] Trying to reach Collector's Nursey

> Does anyone know anything re. the Collector's Nursey in Battle Ground, WA
> that might explain why they are not responding to e-mail or phone 
> messages?

Hi Don,

I have ordered from Collector's Nursery multiple times and have always been 
extremely pleased with what I have received.  I just talked with them two 
weeks ago (in the early morning hours).  I suppose it is possible that they 
may be on vacation or so busy in their nursery that they have not had a 
chance to get back with you.  I suggest that you just keep trying to contact 
via Email and by leaving phone messages.  I have just moved and do not have 
the numbers at hand that I have used to contact them but will be happy to 
Email them to you as soon as I do find them.

Glen Pace
Pace Gardens
Clio, MI 48420
USDA Zone 5b Where are to get another snowfall tonight. 

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