Roots Out the Drainage Holes

Judy Glattstein
Tue, 24 Oct 2006 15:39:08 PDT
O.K., I've had advice in both directions - yes, it is safe to repot 
lachenalia that were previously repotted and now have roots out the 
drainage holes into the plunge medium VS don't bother, since roots are 
not being air-pruned the bulbs are happy, just let the roots wander.

Well and good. But when something is beautifully in bloom I sometimes 
like to bring it from greenhouse into the house to admire. Cannot do 
this with questing roots. Guess those pots will just stay in the 

Also, I infrequently periodically give a dilute feeding of 10-30-20. 
Should I now dribble a little on the sand of the plunge bed immediately 
adjacent to the pots of bulbs with questing roots? Otherwise all they're 
taking up is moisture. But perhaps that's all they need, other roots 
inside the pot retrieving the nutrients.

So much to consider: large pots to mimic in-ground conditions, smaller 
pots so soil doesn't sour - good thing the plants know who they are 
(taxonomy changes, what's a species, etc.) and how they want to grow. 
Now, if they'd just speak up and tell us . . .

Judy in chilly, windy, cloudy New Jersey

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