Trying to reach Collector's Nursey

Jane McGary
Mon, 23 Oct 2006 16:59:23 PDT
Don asked
>Does anyone know anything re. the Collector's Nursey in Battle Ground, WA
>that might explain why they are not responding to e-mail or phone messages?

Collector's Nursery is in the process of dismantling their stock and 
closing down the nursery. I don't think they would deliberately fail to 
ship your order, Don, but perhaps you can phone them at the number in the 
catalog and remind them. One of the proprietors, Bill Janssen, is in very 
poor health, and the other, Diana Reeck, finds it impossible to keep up 
with the work alone. Other nursery growers in this area are buying some of 
the stock, especially the woody plants. Diana is running a 50% off sale on 
site at the nursery into mid-December.

Jane McGary

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