New Chilean plant book

Pacific Rim
Fri, 15 Sep 2006 14:11:32 PDT
Hello, Jane. I'd like a copy, please. Thank you for this opportunity.

You may already know by the time you read this that the current value of 
36,000 Chilean pesos is about $64.00 US at the cash rate. I use for conversions.

You could ship to me at:

Pacific Rim Native Plant Nursery
115 Garfield St.
Sumas, Wa 98295

I suppose there is no chance of getting the first volume now?


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>I have received a prepublication notice for a new volume of the series
> "Flora nativa de valor ornamental" by Riedemann and Aldunate (this has a
> third author, S. Teillier), covering the Zona Norte. It is one large 
> volume
> on the plants and a small companion volume that is a guide to roads and
> trails where good plants can be seen. This set is being sold by
> subscription, with the print run limited to subscriptions received by 
> Sept.
> 30. The publisher does not accept foreign checks or credit cards, so
> getting hold of the books requires expensive wire transfers and some 
> e-mail
> correspondence.
> I'm going to go ahead and order ten copies. If you'd like to reserve one,
> write to me privately. I can can send you the prospectus (in SPanish). I
> haven't figured out the cost yet but it's 36,000 Chilean pesos plus
> shipping; the last set ran to about $80 U.S. The volume I already have is 
> a
> superior book, and the guide itself is worth the price of admission if you
> plan to travel independently in Chile. If I get more than ten inquiries,
> I'll order more but I need to know pretty soon because I have to go to the
> central branch of my bank in the city to do the wire transfer. I will 
> front
> the money until the books actually show up; the release date is planned to
> be mid-November 2006.
> Jane McGary
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