New Chilean plant book

Jane McGary
Thu, 14 Sep 2006 16:36:17 PDT
I have received a prepublication notice for a new volume of the series 
"Flora nativa de valor ornamental" by Riedemann and Aldunate (this has a 
third author, S. Teillier), covering the Zona Norte. It is one large volume 
on the plants and a small companion volume that is a guide to roads and 
trails where good plants can be seen. This set is being sold by 
subscription, with the print run limited to subscriptions received by Sept. 
30. The publisher does not accept foreign checks or credit cards, so 
getting hold of the books requires expensive wire transfers and some e-mail 

I'm going to go ahead and order ten copies. If you'd like to reserve one, 
write to me privately. I can can send you the prospectus (in SPanish). I 
haven't figured out the cost yet but it's 36,000 Chilean pesos plus 
shipping; the last set ran to about $80 U.S. The volume I already have is a 
superior book, and the guide itself is worth the price of admission if you 
plan to travel independently in Chile. If I get more than ten inquiries, 
I'll order more but I need to know pretty soon because I have to go to the 
central branch of my bank in the city to do the wire transfer. I will front 
the money until the books actually show up; the release date is planned to 
be mid-November 2006.

Jane McGary

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