Amaryllis belladonna

Joe Shaw
Sat, 23 Sep 2006 14:35:31 PDT
Hi Gang,

A. belladonna is a lovely plant when it does well, blooming in perfusion 
sometimes.  When growing up, it was a commonly found plant, especially at 
older homes and among citrus groves in the greater Los Angelas, CA area.

It grows OK here along the Gulf Coast, but never blooms for me or my 

So, what is the secret?  Does it require a dry summer, or a cooler summer? 
I seem to recall it is from the Southwest Cape area but it doesn't mind year 
round rain if it has good drainage, at least it does not rot or decline. 
But, it sure doesn't bloom.

Maybe there are forms that are more tolerant of the the Gulf Coast?


Conroe, TX
Light rain forecast for the evening, maybe a few showers tomorrow.  About 90 
F today (32 C).  The yellow Lycoris (L. traubii I guess) continues to bloom 
and the flowers have good staying power. 

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