Mary's website and S. African bulbs

Mary Gutierrez
Sat, 23 Sep 2006 13:19:58 PDT
Hi --

I went to the IBSA Symposium, and recently posted the photos I took  
on my website. If you are interested in taking a look, the website is

Click on the navigation button called "New! Mary Gutierrez in South  

You can skip my rambling prologue by clicking the the "JUMP  
TO....etc.," link when you get there and you'll go right to the  
photos section.

Mary Sue kindly helped me identify some of the plant photos that I  
didn't make notes on. If you have any ideas about the remaining  
unidentified plants, I'd sure appreciate your thoughts. There are a  
couple of orchids that I don't know.

Also, is it Moraea comptonii, or Homeria comptonii? I've seen photos  
of this plant under both names... I have it listed under Moraea on my  

My friend Yolanda and I are looking into organizing a tour to SA for  
next November with Cameron McMaster. We don't have the itinerary  
sorted out yet, but if any of you would like information on that,  
I'll have it on my website in the near future.

Mary Gutierrez
Zone 8 and missing the sun already!

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