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Dell Sherk
Tue, 12 Sep 2006 14:18:01 PDT
Dear Angela,

The seeds arrived in good shape and, you will see, are offered on BX 126.
Thank you, very much!

One note of caution:  there was soil in the package which, I think, came out
of the Mirabilis seed envelope. Please do everything you can to eliminate
ANY soil from your donations. That is the only reason I have ever had stuff
seized by the *%?!$#   They will only tolerate "zero" soil. I wonder what
they do for fun.

Best regards,

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Hello from Angela in Western Australia, would like to donate seeds, if you
can send me the paperwork, if it is worthwhile for you, I have many, many,
bulbs, seeds etc I am more than happy to donate.
I will be in South Africa for the Clivia Conference, if it is easier for me
to take seeds to South Africa to give to other members of PBS to bring back,
please let me know
Sunny Spring, everything is blooming!!
Western Australia
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