Source for containers, cherries

Joe Shaw
Tue, 12 Sep 2006 15:50:33 PDT
We work for a plant that manufactures Jams & Jellies and we often obtain our 
fruit (cherries) in square 4 gallon / 15 liter pails,100+ at a time.


Hi Gang, and Michael and Paul,

I would be interested to find out about the source of the fruit containers.

I smiled when I saw the note that mentioned Hilmar, CA and cherry 
production.  One summer I took a graduate course on Fruit and Nut Tree 
Diseases; our class visited cherry (and other fruit) growers in the Central 
Valley of California.

One of my most vivid memories from that long ago time was to a cherry 
orchard and packing center near Turlock, CA (near Hilmar).  We studied 
various tree and post-harvest diseases and cherry growing/processing factors 
that could contribute to fruit loss.  We observed the washing (and waxing) 
processes and even the maraschino production process.  Perhaps most 
impressive (for me) was how the bruised or green fruits were turned into 
salable products.

Anyway, if you can send information about the fruit containers, I would like 
to follow up that lead.


Joe Shaw

Conroe, TX

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