inexpensive large containers

Joe Shaw
Tue, 12 Sep 2006 15:57:26 PDT any building painting contractor as they are left with [many] 
used plastic buckets, 5 gallons. I am sure they will give them for free or 
else ask where [to] dump them. Old, dry paint easily peels off...I have used 
such buckets with paint inside and it never seemed to have caused damage to 
the plants inside. Modern paints are not made of lead, arsenic or any other 
toxic pigment.


Hi Gang,

I did recieve very good advice from an email friend.  I think his advice is 
sound and good.

The problem for me is that here, in the greather Houston, TX area, everyone 
seems to be ahead of me.  I think of myself as the original dumpster-diver 
(building pet cages 40 years ago).  Howeve, I have tried and failed to find 
many used containters such as described, thought I have found a few and 
think they are very suitable for brining most bulbs to flowering size.

The retail market seems to have caught on to the usefulness of such 
containers; new ones are now $7 to $9 at Lowe's or Home Depot.  Go figure!

However, the orgiginal advice is very good--I need to more agressively 
approach contractors and builders.


Conroe, TX

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