Question about Naked Ladies

Leo A. Martin
Fri, 14 Dec 2007 15:38:04 PST
Marguerite wrote

> What is the difference between Amaryllis belladona and Lycoris squam.?
> This came up at a recent garden club member discussion because almost
> none of these flowers bloomed in Aug., and someone noticed the foliage
> starting up recently.
> We have many sites throughout the community where 'Naked Ladies'
> generally bloom with no human interference. Usually, we have a couple of
> heavy rains in August, which seems to get them on their way. This
> summer, we assumed the lack of bloom was due to lack of water during the
> summer.

Kelly replied

> Your quickest distinction will be foliage emergence. Amaryllis
> belladonna will push foliage in the fall. Lycoris squamigera will begin
> to push foliage in February.

Ummm... Maybe Marguerite meant Lycoris radiata, the red one (hurricane
lilies to some.) It grows easily and blooms readily in our warmer-wintered
Western climates. Its leaves emerge a little before Amaryllis beladonna
(naked ladies.) Isn't Lycoris squamigera pink-flowered, almost the same
pink as Amaryllis beladonna?

One can tell them apart at a glance. Amaryllis leaves are much wider than
Lycoris radiata and a lighter green. Lycoris radiata leaves are very dark

My Lycoris radiata didn't bloom well at all this year.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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