Question about Naked Ladies

Marguerite English
Fri, 14 Dec 2007 16:12:55 PST
Nope.  I do know the difference.  I really was asking about the 
pink-flowered Lycoris squamigera.    I also grow Lycoris radiata and 
enjoy it in my plant room and a trial bit outside.  I hadn't noticed the 
name hurricane lilies before, thanks for sharing it.
> Ummm... Maybe Marguerite meant Lycoris radiata, the red one (hurricane
> lilies to some.) It grows easily and blooms readily in our warmer-wintered
> Western climates. 
and really I don't quite think of my climate as warmer wintered.  At 
least not this week.
> My Lycoris radiata didn't bloom well at all this year.
Neither did those of mine outdoors.  Squirrels ate the flowering stalks, 
so the Lycoris radiata now live in a cage.  (G)

                    Marguerite growing in:
Zone 7, 3700 ft altitude, under the slope of mount Cuyamaca near the 
Laguna mtns. of California.  

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