Question about Naked Ladies

Ken Blackford
Fri, 14 Dec 2007 17:38:26 PST
Ken here in Coastal San Diego ... perhaps a zone or two milder than Descanso, which is inland a bit and higher in elevation.  I have not grown L.squamigera, but L.aurea and L.radiata have done OK for me, blooming more each year.  My only problem is the encroaching trees no longer let quite enough sunlight through to them, so I am afraid I need to move the bulbs, which will likely set them back a year or two.  Brunsvigia and A.belladonnas seem to do quite well here.

"J.E. Shields" <> wrote:
  Hi Marguerite and all,

Besides what Kelly mentioned, I might add that Lycoris squamigera usually 
needs some pretty cold weather in winter to be able to grow and 
survive. I'm not sure where Descanso is, but I'll bet you don't get much 
frost in winter! This being the case, you can probably safely assume that 
any "Naked Lady" you see in Southern California is Amaryllis belladonna, 
not Lycoris squamigera.

Now, having said that, has anyone grown Lycoris squamigera successfully in 
Southern California?

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