Rain Lilies

Robt R Pries rpries@sbcglobal.net
Thu, 13 Dec 2007 18:42:33 PST
 Dear rain lily enthusiasts; I am continuing on my
quest to produce a rain lily checklist. I now have
more than a majority of the original diagnoses of rain
lily species in my notes and have found over 160
cultivar names in the literature. When my work is
finished it will be made available to the bulb
societies. But I am trying to be very fastidious in
documenting and verifying my information. I have
already noticed that misinformation has crept onto the
internet. I am hoping that this checklist will
eliminate the errors that are beginning occur. I am
putting out this message to ask that if I have not
already contacted you, to please e-mail me if you are
hybridizing rain lilies,or have created a new clone,
and might distribute it at some point in the future.
If you grow a number of clones I would like your input
to see if they are carrying the right names. As yet
there is no comprehensive reference to the work that
has been done and is being done with rain lilies. I am
hoping with the help of many collaborators to provide
a reference and acknowledgement of our current history
that will otherwise be lost. I applaud the PBS wikki
and I would hope that you will all support it. Bit
many clones and species have not been photographed.
This checklist will provide a comprehensive reference
that will be vetted by as many experts as possible. If
you are willing to help I will add you to the list of
contributors an honor that future gardeners should
respect. Contact me at rpries@sbcglobal.net

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