Question about Naked Ladies

Marguerite English
Thu, 13 Dec 2007 22:39:07 PST
What is the difference between Amaryllis belladona and Lycoris squam.? 
This came up at a recent garden club member discussion because almost 
none of these flowers bloomed in Aug., and someone noticed the foliage 
starting up recently.

We have many sites throughout the community where 'Naked Ladies' 
generally bloom with no human interference. Usually, we have a couple of 
heavy rains in August, which seems to get them on their way. This 
summer, we assumed the lack of bloom was due to lack of water during the 

So were we right, and what is the difference from a gardener 
(non-botanist) point of view?

 From Descanso, Ca., in the Southern California foothills - USDA zone 7 
or so.

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