US government seeking input on plant importation

Michael Mace
Mon, 19 Feb 2007 23:36:17 PST
I know this topic has come up a couple of times before, but I just wanted to
note that the US government extended through the end of February the
deadline for commenting on proposals to tighten the rules on importing
plants and seeds into the US: (scroll down to the link
labeled electronic discussion).

There are relatively few comments in total, and almost all are from
environmental groups, academics, and major nursery associations.  I didn't
see comments from anyone on this list.  

The strongest of the proposals would effectively ban the import of almost
anything new.

I know from past experience that the government is often surprisingly
receptive to feedback from typical citizens.  It's assumed that the
organized lobbying groups can take care of themselves, but average people
get more attention because they don't have the money to hire lobbyists.  So
if you live in the US and feel strongly on this issue, in either direction,
it might be worth your while to post a comment or two.

My two cents: I'd like to see voluntary guidelines, and pubic-private
cooperation to evaluate new plants, before we enact major restrictions.

San Jose, CA (zone 9)

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