Cross posted, Narcissus along the Gulf Coast

Joe Shaw
Mon, 19 Feb 2007 18:09:33 PST
Hi Gang,  

Narcissus x 'February Gold' is really getting ready to bloom now.  A flower popped open a week ago, but I think the big rush will be in a week or 10 days.  As usual, this pretty bulb colors my yard in late February.  I've always liked yellow or fragrant Narcissus hyrids and especially enjoy them here along the Gulf Coast because so few are grown here; mostly they won't bloom even if they naturalize.  

Narcissus x 'Falconet' follows in March.  There are not many Narcissus hybrids that bloom here in the greater Houston area.  'Falconet' is a tazetta-type hybrid and has a delightful fragrance.  One problem with it is that it can flower about the time the weather warms up and the flowers can suffer in the warm days of March.  

There is a common paperwhite-type Narcissus hybrid that can be found in many local gardens (perhaps there are various hybrids that just seem similar).  Paperwhites are in full bloom now in local gardens.  

LINK:  February Gold info at Sunny Gardens…

LINK:  Falconet image at Broadleigh Gardens… 


Conroe TX 

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