Off topic, Botanic Garden of Houston, and so on

Joe Shaw
Mon, 19 Feb 2007 17:38:33 PST
Hi Gang,

I hope you can drop in at the Botanic Garden of Houston Web site.  We are 
not a real garden yet, but we're working on it.  We've identified about 
250-300 acres of land and have an agreement with the city, and we have 
started a search for an Executive Director.  We have funding for initial 
goals and are gearing up for a major capital raising campaign.

If all goes well we'll start construction (ground breaking) of an actual 
botanical garden in 2-3 years.  Perhaps, $100-$300 million and thirty years 
will be required to really achive our goal of a world class botanic garden 
for Houston.

For now, we have a limited Web presence and I'm going to write a few article 
in hopes that visitors will want to come back and read new articles as they 
appear.  Naturally, I hope to write about bulbs, bulb propagation, bulb 
suppliers, and so on.  And, for sure, I hope to write about our wonderful 
Texas native bulbs and pass-along garden bulbs.  But, it all takes time. 
For now, please check my first article (link below).

Also, all of you have sharp eyes and a lot of "smarts," so don't be shy. 
I'm forever making typos, or confusing Jim with Jay, or getting species 
mixed up.  This is the most helpful, honest, clever, frank, and superlative 
email/Web group I have ever participated in (yes, you should all be proud of 
yourselves).  I'm quite willing to get criticisms from this group (even 
hopeful) because y'all get to the point and unfailingly seem to find polite 
ways to inform.

Plants in History: Cotton (BGH Web article )



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