First flowers of the New Year -Leucojum

John Grimshaw
Thu, 04 Jan 2007 14:13:06 PST
Aaron Floden's note suggest Leucojum aestivum rather than L. vernum: the 
differences are obvious, with L. aestivum usually being well over 30 cm (1 
ft) and having 3-7 flowers, while L. vernum is usually not more than 20 cm 
(8 in) with one or two flowers.

As a native in the UK L. aestivum is a bog or waterside plant, while L. 
vernum (not indigenous) merely prefers damp places. Both will grow perfectly 
well in normal garden soil, however, and L. vernum can do when transplanted 
to richer soil these plants respond in a way that makes their reference for 
good living very clear. No sign of flowers here yet.

John Grimshaw

Dr John M. Grimshaw
Sycamore Cottage
Nr Cheltenham
Gloucestershire GL53 9NP

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> Hello,
> I have always fared badly with this plant and I
> discovered why when I saw it in the "wild" in Alabama.
> It must a have been a small clump that had persisted
> from when a house was in the area. The area was a low
> valley that was very moist with a spring-like area and
> a creek. A large clump (40-50 bulbs) of Leucojum was
> right on the edge of the creek only inches from the
> water happliy blooming with as many or more stalks of
> flowers.

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