First flowers of the New Year -Leucojum

aaron floden
Thu, 04 Jan 2007 13:39:49 PST

 I have always fared badly with this plant and I
discovered why when I saw it in the "wild" in Alabama.
It must a have been a small clump that had persisted
from when a house was in the area. The area was a low
valley that was very moist with a spring-like area and
a creek. A large clump (40-50 bulbs) of Leucojum was
right on the edge of the creek only inches from the
water happliy blooming with as many or more stalks of

 Several non-blooming clumps of Narcissus grew nearby
and Trillium decipiens was everywhere else in nearly
full shade.

 All the best, 
 Aaron Floden
 Manhattan, KS

--- John T Lonsdale <> wrote:

> Here, Leucojum vernum's performance is directly
> related to the amount of water

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