Egg/Seed imports to Oz

Coffee Camp
Sat, 27 Jan 2007 12:41:47 PST
I fail to see how my posting (Sent: Friday, January 26, 2007 10:09 AM) "splashed egg all over...Austrylian (sic) Bill's face" nor was it my intention to do so.  And I do not seek clarification thank you Myke.  I would also point out that I do object and find distasteful Myke's attempted manipulation of my posting to continue his one-sided squabble.  Please give it a rest.

Angela,  I am not aware of this Permitted List you wrote of on Sun, 28 Jan 2007 15:06:09 +0900.  Do you have a web address for it please?  The ICON database I wrote of on Australia Day contains both permitted and forbidden species.  I believe that provided your proposed seed import is listed as permitted on ICON then one may bring it into the country always provided that any other conditions are met.  If the species is not listed at all then one must contact the Canberra Plant Project to have it investigated before it may be imported as AQIS seizes any unknown (unlisted) species on the ground of it being a potential threat.

It is curious that ICON is only Commonwealth (Federal) approval for import.  Each State and Territory of Australia has its own Prohibited Plant List as well and there is, technically, an obligation upon the importer to also check that list although there is no further check once the consignment is cleared by AQIS.  Further, each local region within a State/Territory has yet another list of its own Prohibited Plants which again we must check....technically.  So, this means that I in NSW can and did import seed of Pancratium maritimum into Australia via Sydney as my Mail Sorting Centre whereas it is a Prohibited Plant, Noxious Weed actually in your neck of the woods in WA.  But lo & behold it is an endangered species in its native Malta!  I cannot understand why WA requires this plant's destruction & suppression when bulbs of it are selling in Europe for 20EUR each!  WA should dig up their 'weed' of P. maritimum & sell them to us Easties or the world since our Governments are so money hungry!  Angela, could you import P. maritmum seed into Perth as it would pass AQIS but is there any further check done at arrival in WA?  Indeed, would you receive seed of it if I mailed you from NSW?

Geoffrey in Nimbin, in the rainforests of NSW

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