Seed imports to USA

Coffee Camp
Sat, 27 Jan 2007 13:11:00 PST
I too thought that the American system of charging additional postage from point of inspection to delivery to the addressee as a contravention of international mail protocol until I learnt of this two address label biz. 

However, upon consideration, the fact remains that the sender is paying for delivery of an article to the addressee.  That is the explicit intention for the mailing.  Any interception or misdelivery is immaterial.  For example: a correspondent in the US can mail me an article for delivery at my previous address in Australia say.  If the occupant of that address knows my new address, he may re-direct the article without further charge to my new address provided the article has not be opened unofficially.

Voila! So why can't your Customs people merely stick the addressee's label over the first label to their address once passed? Or just address the consignment with the addressee's address with a via US Customs address?

But really, why tinker with a system that has worked well for about a century whereby the sender fills out a Customs Form to affix to the article and/or it is the receiving country's responsibility to check it. Don't you chaps have a saying of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"?


Geoff in sub-tropical NSW - 34 degrees at last ... some of my aroids are only now just waking up and it's gone mid-summer.  

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